When is the best time to go?

This will depend on your budget and what kind of weather you expect. If you want a good deal on your all-inclusive package it’s well worth looking at late deals.  Departure dates are usually within a six week period and you could get a real bargain.

July, August and the Christmas and New Year period are generally more expensive than other times of the year (excluding school holidays).

As far as the weather goes, hot weather doesn’t agree with everybody which is why Tenerife is so popular because holidaymakers can choose a time of year that suits them best.  The average year round temperature is about 23°C, however during the summer months especially July and August temperatures can easily reach 40°C and the humidity can be quite high.  From October through to March the temperature is in the region of 21°C which is quite pleasant although you can still get sun burnt, so it’s still important to use sun protection.   From March to June the island warms up gradually although the temperature and humidity levels are still pleasant enough for most people.